Taxes rates should be kept low, fair, and easy to understand. As your congresswoman, I’ll support the extension of the middle-class tax cuts and will fight to make them permanent.


California has been through enough drought cycles – our policy leaders should have a water storage mastered by now. Farmers and the agricultural community contribute greatly to our regional and state economy and should be respected when it comes to developing water policies. It’s time for smart legislation that eases water restrictions on our farmers while keeping the environment safe.


In order to tackle our growing homelessness problem, we must recognize that the root causes of homelessness are often complex. California needs to partner with the federal government to develop solutions that make it easier to build more workforce housing. As your congresswoman, I’ll lead efforts to partner with the private sector to ensure those who experience homelessness can be put on the path to self-sufficiency


I support the repeal of the individual mandate and the rights of Americans to choose healthcare plans that work best for them and their families. I am opposed to a single - payer healthcare system and believe the free market produces the competition needed for the medical practitioners to develop groundbreaking treatments for some of our most pressing healthcare crises. As your congressman, I will support efforts to reduce insurance costs, such as allowing residents to buy insurance and to fulfill prescription services across stateliness.


We need to make job creation easier in District 3. With the economy in a recession due to the COVID-19 crises, now is the time to bring federal tax incentives to our region to create jobs for our hardworking residents and families.


Our veterans have honored their commitment to our country. It’s only right that we honor our commitment to them. Veterans who have honorably served our country deserve the assurance of knowing that they will have full access to healthcare, medical services, and the promises our country has made to ensure a full transition back into civilian life.


Families should be supported and have job security during such an important and special time. There are numerous economic and health benefits that result when parents are given adequate time off after the birth or the adoption of a new baby.

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