Record inflation has eaten into the paychecks of working class people. The cost of food, everyday goods, and vital services also continue to rise. It’s time for a new direction on the economy. As your congresswoman I will fight to:

• Reduce inflation
• Make the middle-class tax cuts permanent
• Reduce regulations on small business
• Expand opportunity zones in urban areas


Major cities across America have seen an increase in violent crime. Victims of crime should expect justice and hardened career criminals should not be able to exploit the compassion of our justice system. As your congresswoman I will:

• Ensure your 2nd Amendment rights are protected
• Encourage cooperation between the justice department and local law enforcement
• Review federal sentencing guidelines to ensure fairness
• Work to provide law enforcement with the tools and analytical resources to keep communities safe


California needs to partner with the federal government and develop solutions to lower home prices. As your congresswoman, I’ll lead efforts to develop public-private partnerships to ensure working residents aren’t priced out of their communities and that those experiencing homelessness can be put on a path to self-sufficiency. My goal is to:

• Incentivize local governments to reduce and remove red tape that drives up housing costs


The public education system should not be used to indoctrinate students. I support the rights of parents to choose the best educational path for their children and will look for opportunities to expand school choice and promote curriculum that is inclusive, not divisive.


Americans should feel safe at home and abroad. Unfortunately, military morale is low, our foreign enemies are emboldened, and drug cartels remain a very real threat at U.S.—Mexico Border. As your congresswoman I will:

• Support our military and ensure focus on readiness
• Fight for technology upgrades and increased security along the border
• Strengthen relationships with our international allies
• Encourage the strategic use of political and economic sanctions


Americans should be able to choose affordable healthcare options that work best for them. As your congresswoman, I will support legislation that allows residents to buy insurance and fulfill prescription services across state lines.


Our veterans have honored their commitment to our country. It’s only right we honor our commitment to them. Veterans who honorably serve our country deserve the assurance of having full access to healthcare, medical services, and the opportunity to fully transition back into civilian life.

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