Tamika Hamilton Announces Q3 Fundraising Figures

October 15, 2021 |

Hamilton Opens Massive Lead in Individual Contributions, Doubling Fundraising Figures from Q2

Fairfield, Calif. – The Hamilton for Congress campaign today announced its fundraising figures from the Q3 Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing period.

The Hamilton for Congress campaign reports raising $217,825.87 during this period, with $210,260.87 (96%) of those contributions coming from individual donors. Comparatively, incumbent John Garamendi could only muster $166,000 in contributions from individual donors, while receiving $87,400 (33%) from special interests.

“Our campaign is truly supported by the grassroots and continues to be very competitive,” says Tamika Hamilton, candidate for Congress. “It’s clear my opponent John Garamendi continues to rely on the same toxic special interests that have destroyed Washington, and I believe he’s in for a real wake-up call next November.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee continues to list California’s third congressional district as a national target for the GOP. The Hamilton campaign has additional fundraising events planned to begin Q4 and looks to continue its momentum. 

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